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My Children Must Not Face this!

My children must not face what I have faced!

Hardly can my children do anything on their own, the reason is that their dad is of the opinion that he had experienced enough humiliation and challenges for at least 3 generations when he was growing up. He stayed with people that ‘abused’ him with house chores because he lost his parents at a very tender age. This made him to sponsor himself through schools (secondary and tertiary), engaged in all sort odd jobs before he became a ‘man’

To crown it all, our first child is a boy; Olumide. He is currently in Primary 6 and I am planning to ‘surprise’ his dad by sending him to a boarding school for his secondary education so that he will be useful for himself. I am sure his dad will fight me for this act and may withdraw him from the school but what will I do, he had been forbidden from all house chores and of course, entering into the kitchen is a serious taboo in our home…like his father would say to me anytime I attempt to break the taboo…’remember that Olumide is just a boy’

Fadekemi, our 7 year-old daughter cannot lay her bed let alone wash her socks and pants. By the way, my children are well cultured and respectful. The only exception I have is their inability to perform house chores with or without supervision.

Gone are the days when schools allow pupils to sweep for themselves using a class roaster or clearing the school environment before the assembly…even if we still have such schools, my hubby will not even cross paths with the school and even if he did by mistake, he could sue the owner for so many charges…child abuse, manual labour, child’s right…to mention but a few.

At first I thought he was making life easy for me when I had Olumide. He got me a nanny, a cook and a driver and all these three are still our domestic staff till date including a caregiver and a gate-man. We have electrical appliances that can help to reduce stress even when I or the children decide to do the chores ourselves but…’we are neither slaves or machines so we deserve rest’…this is my husband’s chorus.

Of course I have paid my dues and am still paying, and I can choose to cross my hands, raise my legs and relax my back but my children…what will become of them?

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