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The Real Father - Pastor Sam Adeyemi
eal Father - Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The Real Father: Dedicated to Pastor Sam Adeyemi @ 50

The real fathers are not just defined by the number of children they brought forth but the numbers they nurtured.

You have been a father to a million and one children; biological, spiritual and in the corporate environment.
Those older and younger look up to you and call You fatherYour life is an example to many
A role model in word and indeed

Simplicity defines you
Excellence announces you
Leadership explains you
Spirituality modifies you

Your leadership role as a father is not just by position, permission but by person-hood
Your life has been given out completely to raise role models

Locally and internationally you are celebrated today (3rd February)
Not just because of what you have done but because of who you are
Fatherhood is not just a role, it is a calling

The real fathers are exceptional and mum4real is proud to say you are one of them.
Happy 50th birthday sir!
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