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'Mum...do you love me?' asked 'Semilore

‘Mum…do you love me?’ asked ‘Semilore

On getting home on Saturday evening after attending Damife’s 5th birthday party, her bosom friend and class mate, Oluwasemilore my only girl crawled on my bed and asked me this question, ‘Mum…do you love me?’ At first, I felt shocked…’why shouldn’t I love my own child?’ I asked myself. I carried her on my lap and told her how much her dad and I love her…in fact it is unconditional! I explained to her that it is because of our love for her that we had to decide I become a stay home mum…I actually resigned from my banking job to take care of you ‘Semi and my full time job role is now you…I smiled.

She looked into my eyes…giving me that innocent look you cannot resist…and then she asked, ‘Mum, what will you give me for my next birthday?’ While it took a while for me to answer, she then asked if she could get a toy house…

Oluwasemilore! I screamed. Your next birthday is in 10 months. She smiled and hugged me…’Mum, I just want to know’ she said.

Hmmmm…what is Semilore’s definition of love from this story? What is her love language? How can her parents manage it? Kindly share!

Thank you.


Photo Credit: ‘Sewa and mum


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