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Do you have a promise box?

Do you have the Promise Box?

As a child, I remembered every promise made to me by uncles, aunties and relatives especially during festive period and I kept reminding them regularly until fulfillment.

I think every child does that, isn’t it?

Days when you have your  ‘promise book’ and different strategies  to ‘collect your right’ from your ‘egbons’…

Teaching a child how to trust in God totally should not only be done verbally

Practical examples must be included both night and day by default
Our young ones should be consciously aware of where to run to (I am not talking about structure or building: a Sanctuary ) when they are struggling with one thing or the other and probably when faced with challenges

Do you agree that children face challenges?

Of course they do…

In school, among peers, health wise, even at home

Irrespective of how old they are
Toddler, preteen or young adult
2, 6, 12 or 22 years old,
At some point, they need a shoulder to lean on, someone to pat their backs, a word of encouragement, warm hugs of comfort…

One of the things I learnt is introducing what I call ‘the promise box’ to the child at a very tender age
The promise box comprises of every scripture as regards God’s promises that has been written and memorized by all the family members over a period of time which is placed in a strategic place and can be reached at whatever time anyone needs it.

Sounds too good to be true but yet it is, and it works!
Especially when your child understands the efficacy and effectiveness of the Word early in life

Even when dad and mum are not around and the whole world seems to be dark to the child who is too discouraged and weak to read a motivational book or to reach out to his or her Bible, The Promise Box will be the ‘joker’ – a reservoir that supplies ‘booster-words’ from the Source.

Whatever way you want to do it, just do it!

Introducing the promise box is of great advantage to you and your children.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Truths immersed in kids early on always go a long way in shaping their lives. And it is our core duty as parents to immerse our kids in life-shaping truths, using every pratical, fun & engaging means possible. This is why we at 2Nurture created the Choose Box & the Personalised Bible Promise Box. The Choose Box contains 100 cards of simple affirmations & life lessons for kids. The Personalised Bible Promise Box contains 30 cards of empowering bible verses personalised in your child’s name. To order, any of these boxes, pls visit our Instagram pages- @2nurture_ng or @get2inspire. You can also call/whatsapp- 08128875894

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