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Year 5 vs Year 6: Why do you think year 6 is important?

I really don’t know why my husband is insisting our first daughter ‘Sefunmi who has just finished her year 5 exams in flying colours should not proceed to secondary school next session.
She is brilliant and will be 10 years old in December. She has attempted common entrance examinations into various profiled schools of her choice and my choice, and has not failed any. In fact, one of the schools gave her a scholarship to pay half of the tuition fees because of her excellent performance.
Yet, my husband is still ‘playing the same music’ with his ‘old school’ lyrics – “our daughter must graduate properly and have her Primary School Leaving Certificate; she will not jump to year 7 from year 5”
Haha! Isn’t he tired of paying exorbitant school fees? Isn’t he aware that this is an opportunity for her to speed up her education? Does he not want his child to progress seamlessly…?
What can I do to convince him because personally, if ‘Sefunmi ¬†passes her A-levels and gain admission into the university in year 9 she are good to go…I will not subscribe to allowing their ‘old school dad’ delay any of them for no particular/tangible reason
What is the criteria for going to secondary school (year 7); age or academics performance?
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  1. I think this argument is a running battle for parents from time immemorial.Personally,my take is why the rush?Why do we as parents feel the need to rush or children?That our kids are academically sound doesnt mean that they have to skip classes.There is something to be learnt in\at every stage in life.I have seen kids who skip classes and jump ahead end up having to either repeat a class in secondary school or are not ready emotionally to handle certain issues.I know the issue of exorbitant school fees is a big strain on parents but i remember a parenting confrence i attended(organised by mum4real)where one of the speakers said she had to change her kids school when she could not afford the fees anymore.Let our kids be kids and come out as a balanced individual.Also, we have to be on the same page with our spouses when it comes to our children,it is a joint effort.With God’s help we will be better parents and our kids will excel in every area of life.

  2. Finishing year 6 is not about being old school. It’s about having a thorough process. Jumping classes, whether you like it or not is one of the decadence that has slipped quietly into the educational system in Nigeria. Some go ahead and skip S.S.3 and get into the university at the age of 14! It’s all ridiculous.
    No wonder a good number of graduates are half-baked.
    Food for thought: A well seasoned barbecue is more pleasurable to devour than a half grilled, unseasoned barbecue. Let’s be patient with the developmental stages of our children.
    Mothers when pregnant in spite of all discomforts always wait for a complete gestation period of 9 months.

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