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A woman is a special creation born to progress continually : Happy International Women’s Day 

Every woman is endowed with unique features that make them stand out wherever they are
Either they are black, white, green or orange
The colours of their skin do not matter
Neither does it correlate to their uniqueness
Every woman is gifted differently and abundantly; they are always doing something for someone somewhere and someday
Either for their children, husband or for their boss, colleague or for their parents or in-laws, or for their siblings or friends
Every woman is wrapped with affection and love
This is one of their traits that is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf
They think about every individual in their lives and how they can contribute to their personal growth and development
Every woman is a problem solver
They are equipped to always have at least a solution to every problem
You may not want to agree, but the truth is, you can/will testify when you listen to them
Every woman is wired with strength
I am not just talking about physical strength but inner strength that enables them to move on irrespective of the situation they find themselves
Every woman is graced with a capacity to “beget”
Not only to give birth to babies but to idea that changes and rules the world
Either as a girl child or as a lady, or as a mother
Inasmuch as you are a female gender
You are created specially
You are empowered differently
You are wired uniquely
You are equipped special
You are born to continually press for progress
In your career
In your business
In your home
In your relationship with your Maker
In your social life
In your finance
In your entire endeavour

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