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Do you remember those classic movies where a knight in shining armour arrives on the scene just in time to save the day? I’ll say this scenario reminds me of fathers.

I am sure you are asking why or what they have done to deserve being called heroes. This is because without their donation (from the beginning till the child is old enough to stand on his or her own) parenting or motherhood is impossibly difficult (wink*)

I am sure my female colleagues are about to fight me but ‘abeg’ let us tell ourselves the truth…’men dey try’ and the REAL truth is that…men are heroes

Men are the givers, women are receivers and without the ‘giver’ the end product is a mere mirage.

Even if you struggle to remember what the man in your life has given to you, just take a look at those beautiful/handsome children that bring you so much joy when you look at them … he sure had an ‘important’ part to play (can I get a witness?lol)
Smile and agree with me that their X or Y donation is enough reason to call them heros (thumbs up!) Happy Fathers’ Day to our special heroes!

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