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By their belly, you will know it’s Christmas

Christmas is the time to eat, merry and celebrate Even those on diet count this period as their ‘cheat season’ because they don’t want to miss out on the goodies that come with it The once in a year special delicacies with ‘orisirisi’ can only be enjoyed at a time …

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Whose responsibility is it to pay school fees? Parents. Get breakfast/lunch/dinner ready? Parents. Get the missing socks? Parents. Do the laundry? Parent. Be the clown? Parent. Act like a robot? Parents. In short, the list is endless…but in summary let me ask you, whose role is it to strategize, evaluates …

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Product Launch! Arike Nursing Covers

Mum4real Nursing Covers

Are you thinking of starting a business in 2018? Are you planning of having another source of income even while working 9-5? We are glad to inform you about mum4real’s first maternity product called The Arike Nursing Covers. Our nursing cover is designed to provide comfort, support, discretion and style …

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Tribute to My Amazing Teacher

For all the days I sat under your tutelage you’ve amazingly transformed my life. Most of what I know today, I have learnt from you Directly or indirectly, your words and actions have guided my paths How can I forget your impact so quickly Even when no one believed in …

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Nigeria @57: A New Nigeria

I see a new Nigeria… ● Where our foundation in God has an impact in our generations ● Where children are free to walk without the fear of been kidnapped ● Where the rate of infant mortality is reduced drastically ● Where our educational system (government school: primary, secondary and …

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