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Babies are miracles and not mistakes

If family planning worked for you, trust me, you are not a pro and it does not make you a dullard if didn’t work. Planned and unplanned, babies are miracles and not mistakes

Yes I may sound spiritual but can you tell me where babies come from?
Excuse me sir, I know you are a biology lecturer but somethings are mysteries and only God can explain how, when and why…
And pregnancy/the birth of a child is one of these mysteries

Oh, you think babies are ONLY produce from the coming together of sperms and eggs, fertilisations and co
You may be wrong and don’t ask me why because only God knows the right sperm for each egg
Hmmmm…one of the mysteries right?

Yes! you are a testimony to that mystery.
Why are you not fair/dark?
Why do you look like your mum and not dad or vice versa?
Why is your gene this or that?
Why…why…why…are you YOU?

There is no baby making factory anywhere, children are gifts from God.
So either you planned for the birth of a child or you did not plan and one showed up(lol!)

Remember that babies are miracles and not mistakes
They are blessings and not burden
They are gifts and garbage
That are planned by the Creator Himself and not problems


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