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Be Your Child’s Number One Cheerleader

Don’t always conderm
Affirm too
Regardless of their age
They understand your language
Spoken in love and encouragment
Spoken in disgust and fear

Many a time we celebrate the end product but ignore the process
…the process of defining an enviable child
…the process of empowering a great destiny
…the process of shaping and not shattering our children with our words

A child’s confidence is built when corrected in love
A child’s self esteem improves when his/her strength is affirmed
A child’s attitude remains positive when positive words are regularly deposited in his/her life

When your child looks up to you, don’t look down on him/her
You got to have their back at all times
So they can soar up on high

Let them know that:
They are not competing with anybody from their tender age.
Becoming a better ‘ME’ should be their watchword
In the world of success, position (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) does not matter
And that you are their number one cheer leader in words and in deeds regardless of any circumstance.


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