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By their belly, you will know it’s Christmas

Christmas is the time to eat, merry and celebrate
Even those on diet count this period as their ‘cheat season’ because they don’t want to miss out on the goodies that come with it
The once in a year special delicacies with ‘orisirisi’ can only be enjoyed at a time like this…at least
And we have heard many a time that ‘Christmas is not everyday’
Therefore, somethings are allowed this season (lol!)

The fun is not limited to adults alone, children and even toddlers define Christmas in the language that understand better; merry merry

Almost in every home, Christmas ‘kukuruku’ (live chicken) is a must
And as a child, the evidence that your family killed one is to crack the chicken legs outside. If your friends dont see it then you did not kill one (maybe not in this age sha..lol)
Do you remember those days or was it peculiar to my family and community alone?

Babies are also in the deal of fun and enjoyment that Chrismas brings.
Children less than six months derive their own pleasure from the best meal ever- the breastmilk!..the only meal that contains all the necessary nutritional value for their age.
Although you may say the taste is not comparable to eating all the sumptious varieties available to children and adults, but trust me…that is the best for them for the moment…exclusive breastfeeding☺
And for older children, they enjoy every bite of the sumptuous varieties, although the quantity they consume is only proportional to their bellies…lol

Every shade of rice competes for the tummy of both children and adults.
Some people even go the extra mile of preparing their local meal
Different aroma flies around on this special day that tempt people to bite more than they can chew

At the end of the day, children are left with protuding bellies…a sign of a fun filled Christmas with mum and dad or with grandparents and extended family members…

Do you have any like that around you now? By their belly…please complete it…
Thank you and Merry Christmas

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