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ABC of Parenting

Parenting is as simple as A, B, C if we know how to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. Even the most difficult set of children (the teenagers) as we mostly refer to them often respect our opinion when we have sown the right seeds to them early in …

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Prayer for Our Children

We thank God for the gift of life, health, and countless blessings Our children will be taught by the Lord and great shall be their peace They will be the head and not tail wherever they are They will be the first and not the last in all their doings …

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My most valuable asset

Everyone has something that is most important, most valuable and sometimes, irreplaceable. If you ask every parent today what their most valuable asset is, I am sure their first answer will be ‘my child(ren)’, especially mothers. Some will say this by default whereas in reality it is their gadget(s) – …

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Tribute to My Amazing Teacher

For all the days I sat under your tutelage you’ve amazingly transformed my life. Most of what I know today, I have learnt from you Directly or indirectly, your words and actions have guided my paths How can I forget your impact so quickly Even when no one believed in …

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Real Parents are Real Nannies

Every parent’s responsibility is to take good care of their child or children at every point in time From the point of introducing them to their Creator to provision of nutritional meals, sound education, good shelter, nice clothings, excellent moral upbringing, financial support…parents must be there for their children at …

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Motherhood Signature

I was ready to go and paint the world blue… Seriously, I can say that a million times because for the past few weeks or so, I have been home alone with my cutie little prince enjoying the ‘motherhood allowance’ from my place of work I don’t call it maternity …

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