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I was ready to go and paint the world blue… Seriously, I can say that a million times because for the past few weeks or so, I have been home alone with my cutie little prince enjoying the ‘motherhood allowance’ from my place of work I don’t call it maternity …

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#AmISayingTheTruth? As a mother of a 10 month old baby with a toothless grin you may feel discouraged, knowing that some babies as old as he/she is –some even younger, even at 5 months have started teething… But let me tell you something…it is a blessing in disguise, especially when …

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Children are gifts that come in colourful packages…pink and blue Most men prefer the ‘pink’ package who will turn out to become daddy’s little princess And women, the ‘blue’ package…mummy’s macho But in whatever package they come, they are always special and unique in there own way When you have …

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You colour my world

Just like the rainbow colours the sky You have added so many beautiful colours into my world… Your smile each day is brighter than the sunshine Your chatter…hmmm your numerous ‘words’ boost my motherhood morale. Even when I feel tired and weak…your lovely gaze makes me go on and on …

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