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Whose responsibility is it to pay school fees? Parents. Get breakfast/lunch/dinner ready? Parents. Get the missing socks? Parents. Do the laundry? Parent. Be the clown? Parent. Act like a robot? Parents. In short, the list is endless…but in summary let me ask you, whose role is it to strategize, evaluates …

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Letter to my child

Dearest Child, It is my pleasure to express myself to you through this write-up. I know that you are already familiar with some or even most of my expressions here in this letter but I am writing and sharing them with you again. It is important that you keep them …

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12 Essential Parental Grid For All Parents

For every role and responsibility there is always a learning, training and internship period, but for parenting, you learn on the job. I would like to share some parental frameworks that has shaped my mentality so far. Looking forward to your additions and comments. 1. Your duty as a parent …

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Intentional Parenting banner

Our present age is beset with so many things that divide or even take away our attention – by default. Each day is clouded with different activities which make parents sometimes ‘forget’ their core responsibilities as fathers or mothers. Every parent is an employer or employee, a daughter/daughter-in-law or son/son-in-law, …

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