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The Real Father: Dedicated to Pastor Sam Adeyemi @ 50

The Real Father - Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The real fathers are not just defined by the number of children they brought forth but the numbers they nurtured. You have been a father to a million and one children; biological, spiritual and in the corporate environment. Those older and younger look up to you and call You fatherYour …

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Live by Example

live by example/mum4real

Its another season of ‘new year resolutions’ Hoping to live a new life in a new year To some, it stays written down, To others, it is acted on in just a few days thereafter, everything returns to “normal’ And then, the cycle continues   For parents, aunties and uncles, …

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Real Parents are Real Nannies

Every parent’s responsibility is to take good care of their child or children at every point in time From the point of introducing them to their Creator to provision of nutritional meals, sound education, good shelter, nice clothings, excellent moral upbringing, financial support…parents must be there for their children at …

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Lean On Me/Mum4real.com

Children are fully dependent In need of someone to lean on at all times Either young or old, Your full attention is constantly required A womb to nuture A shoulder to carry A finger to structure An eye to culture A life to sow To reap another life Engraved with …

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Develop your Ben Carson

mum4real/develop your Ben Carson

Inside every child is a seed of greatness that is needed to be discovered, developed, watered and nurtured. But often, parents leave the task of discovery to teachers, the role of watering is being delegated to helps, nannies and people around while the responsibility of nurturing is given to the …

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Real Parents Pray

How will you feel when you hear your child testifying that ‘I am a product of a praying mother or father’? We all know that life is full of ups and downs, hurdles of different heights to be crossed, oceans of variable sizes to wade, challenges of various weights to …

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