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Children are models too. Aren’t they?

Sunday is always a busy day for us, one of the reasons is that we are workers in church and we have a scheduled time to be in church and consequences for lateness just like a regular organization. So yesterday, as I was driving my family to church, I mistakenly …

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Outsourced Parenting

I heard this joke from a friend and I think it’s worth sharing. It happened one day that a 5 year old daughter of a posh, polished and well educated working class mum surprised her on a rare Saturday morning (one of those days she was home by chance because …

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My children must not face what I have faced!

My Children Must Not Face this!

Hardly can my children do anything on their own, the reason is that their dad is of the opinion that he had experienced enough humiliation and challenges for at least 3 generations when he was growing up. He stayed with people that ‘abused’ him with house chores because he lost …

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