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Celebrating women…#BeBoldForChange

“I attended my cousin’s graduation and prize giving day last year and the person who took 85% of the awards in his class was a particular girl. She looked slim, small and fragile yet so strong academically, morally and financially. She was even celebrated as a young entrepreneur. As a result of the fact that she learnt bead making in school during one of the long vacations, she started her own small business and this never affected her academics negatively. The school organised a skill acquisition class after which she has been creatively making her designs and selling to almost everyone she comes across ever since.

From a distance you may probably think she is in a lower class, but her look, carriage and facial appearance will make you think otherwise. Regardless of her petite stature, her smile was contagious, her shoulders were high. This was not as a result of pride and arrogance, but healthy and positive self-esteem.

As she walked graciously to the podium as many times as she was called, she never walked alone at any of the times. Her mum, dad, family and friends paraded before and after her. Her charisma radiated the atmosphere and I even observed that some members of the audience gave her a standing ovation.”

You may see women as weaker vessels

The truth is…they are stronger than you think

Their look, appearance or expression

Is a reflection of their foundation which is a product of family and experiences


Behind that make-up

lies tears or laughter

Behind that expensive hair

lies the most creative individual or a battered self-esteem personality

Behind those accessories

Is the real female gender that is ready to change the world or hide her talent


Women are fertile grounds that grow every kind of seed (either good or bad)

The harvest could be immediate, futuristic or continuous


As parents, it is necessary to sow the seed of boldness into our children’s lives

Especially the female gender

To ensure a better tomorrow



Photo credit: IreOluwawamiri Ilesanmi

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