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Conflicts at home: when the elephants fight…

Little did they know that Sandra, their 4 year old daughter was observing and then started crying when they were both arguing. It was her scream that caught their attention. Although, she had been tucked in to sleep before the argument erupted,she was quite unfortunate to witness the drama when  she sneaked into their room to give them another goodnight kiss.

Anthonia was accusing her husband of not being helpful. She was tired of doing everything all by herself. She makes sure everyone is satisfied except her. In fact this is the major reason why she has neither gotten pregnant again nor planned to have another child.’You’re so selfish!’,she yelled at her husband.

Trust Charles, the man of the house with so much ego.He has a thousand and one reasons of not helping with the chores at home. At least, he is the main pillar that supports the family.He perceives that his income alone is enough to buy everyone satisfaction.

‘What else do you want woman!?’ he shouted,and in response she screamed back at him I want a reasonable and helping husband….and then loads of words were exchanged…

Their daughter was heartbroken. She was young and innocent.Her parents may think that she doesn’t really understand what is going on, but guess what?Unpleasant seeds are been deposited in the soil of her heart…

Who is at fault?

To raise a wealthy nation, we need a healthy child and that starts in the home. Thank you.

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  1. Its unfortunate Children are the recipients of consequences of conflicts in the home. I pray that many couples will drop their selfishness & focus on being happy again.

    Children always know when their parents are happy together and that influences everything even their performance at school.

    • Very true. Parents have to learn to ‘humbly’ and consciously put aside their personal egos and understand that the essence of marriage reaches far beyond either the husband or the wife – as individuals or as a couple. For me, I think its more about building a solid generation of people who will go on to affect the world positively.

  2. Well said dear………… May the ink never run dry. Bless

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