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Develop your Ben Carson

Inside every child is a seed of greatness that is needed to be discovered, developed, watered and nurtured.
But often, parents leave the task of discovery to teachers, the role of watering is being delegated to helps, nannies and people around while the responsibility of nurturing is given to the child who hardly can’t differentiate his left from his right.

In the post on being your child’s number one cheerleader  , we encourage that parents should  develop their children’s morale, self-esteem, gifts by our words of  affirmation but sadly, some of us only leave this to be done once in a term…prize giving days, once in a year…birthdays, and probably once in a long time…special occasions.

If Ben Carson’s mum had not taken out time to tell her children what to do, how it should be done and when, he would have ended up being a dummy as his teacher had called him and not a world-renowned intelligent doctor today.

Although Ben Carson’s mum was not so educated yet she nurtured a professional doctor.
Although she was not a full time mum yet she was committed to the greatness of her children.
Although she was not rich yet she gave her all to ensuring her children fulfill their dreams.
Although she was a single parent yet she was fit enough to handle two great men.
And against all odds Ben Carson’s mum finished strong.

Mummies and daddies, let us be part of our children’s success stories
And let our testimony be:
‘That we finished strong in helping our children to DISCOVER their GIFTS
That we finished strong in helping our children to NURTURE their TALENTS
That we finished strong in helping our children to FULFILL their DREAMS’

We should not let anything stop us (career, business, money, economy, environment…) from developing, watering and nurturing those great seeds in our children’s lives.

Keep on developing that child for greatness!


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  1. I absolutely agree with supporting our children and being their biggest cheer leader, praising them all the way with excitement of their achievements. Children are always looking for our approval and most importantly, our affirmation. 🙂

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