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Fear is not who we are...
Fear is not who we are

Fear is just a feeling, it is not who we are

Not all children are as bold as their looks. Some are but most of them get scared of the little tiniest things around them, as well as in their imaginations. I was once like that as a child. Even as adults, we move on to the other version of fear and dwell in this tent for as long as we desire. Yes, in my own language, the other version of fear is WORRY.

Some of us can ‘worry for Africa’. School fees, family, friends, work, church/mosque and even worry for not having anything to worry about…lol! We try to tell ourselves that we are planning, thinking and strategizing but in actual sense, we are afraid and worrying.

Yes I know that every single person in this world has something they worry about. And I am also aware that worry is normal, but that doesn’t mean it is good. Why am I taking about this in a parenting blog? It is because we are influencial as parents and sometimes in a subtle way, we transfer our anxiety on to our children.

We restrain them from going on a journey we are afraid to embark ourselves
We forbid them to swim in the ocean we dread
We chastise them for their courage and somehow limit their potentials to our fears.

My dear mummies, daddies, uncles and aunties always remember these tips whenever you are afraid

1. We canNOT control the future. Only God can. Therefore, let our default setting be to trust in Him at all times.

2. Give God your fear; it is safe with Him. You know why? Because He cares about you!

3. Ask God for help, He is readily available to strengthen you.

4. God’s thoughts about you matter more than anyone else’s. Live only for Him.

5. God is greater than whatever we are afraid of. He gives us the confidence to face our fears.

6. Fear is just a feeling, it is not who we are. Therefore, we cannot be defined by it.

7. God has prepare a solution to our fear long before we started worrying.

8. If we don’t want to give up easily in life, then we shouldn’t give in to fear.

9. We should not be afraid to fail because it is a part of life. But there’s good news! When we fail, we can learn from our mistakes.

10. Is. 41:13; God has promised to HELP us.

These settle it for me. Happy New Year!

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  1. Fear suppresses one when you needed to make decisions. If you have gotten what it takes to do something, take away the fear and do it. Be bold, be courageous and be prayerful on every decision to be taken.

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