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Happy Birthday Pastor Adenike Adeyemi
Happy Birthday ma

Happy 50th Birthday Pastor Nike Adeyemi…You are a REAL mum

Motherhood is not defined by the number of biological children you have but the number of lives you have impacted

Motherhood is not only as a result of nature but how well you can nurture

Yes, all mothers are women but yet not all women are mothers

Not because they don’t have anyone to call them ‘mum’ but because they don’t have the understanding of who they are


See the Ostrich as you always preach Pastor Nike

Big but ‘senseless’

She lays her leg and walks away

She never cares about its outcome…

All she does is to care and think about me, myself and I

At least she survived the same process as well

Oh…she is a woman and but not a mother




Motherhood is a duty

That should be done wholeheartedly

Motherhood is a role

That cannot be delegated at any point in time

Motherhood is a mission

That must be achieved without substitution with other goals

Motherhood is an assignment

That must be carried out at the right time  

Motherhood is a task

That must be performed without grudge or complaint

Motherhood is a calling…

That nerve centre of every generation


Let us give a shout out to Pastor Adenike Adeyemi today for being a real mum

You are worth celebrating

Happy birthday ma!

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