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As a nutritionist, I am often asked what the most important meal of the day is.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids and adults alike.     Your child should never leave home without breakfast, this  is tantamount to driving your car without gas in it.

Breakfast helps fuel your child’s body so he is alert and energized to perform his daily activities like playing, reading, running, learning, thinking etc  it improves concentration in the classroom for school children and contributes to the daily nutrients needed to be healthy and well developed.



How do you know what a healthy breakfast is?

A healthy breakfast contains the right amount of nutrients your child needs.  It contains

  1. Proteins like eggs, milk, cheese, chicken, turkey or fish
  2. Whole grain carbohydrates like whole grain oats, wholegrain breakfast cereals, whole wheat bread
  3. Fruits like banana, apples, orange, watermelon, plums
  4. Vegetables like carrots, cucumber, cabbage, green leafy vegetables


Sample breakfast ideas

  1. Hard boiled egg , banana and cucumber cuts on a slice of whole wheat bread
  2. Vegetable omelette with whole wheat toast and a cup of pure orange juice
  3. Oat porridge , milk and dried fruits or banana cuts
  4. Sandwich comprising of whole wheat bread, diced carrots, cucumber, cabbage, cheese or tuna fish and a cup of fruit smoothie or unsweetened yoghurt.

Written by our guest writer Benice Akinola


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