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Being an ‘F’ student in music class does not count *wink*

Although my voice…hmmm…the part I believe I sing always ‘parts’ the song in several pieces…lol!

I never knew I could be a great composer of ‘sweet and melodious’ songs until my bundle of joy arrived

Call it whatever you like, as long as the song does the trick, at least from my baby’s all-important perspective, my ‘audience of one’ .…lol

Would have been as hopeless as the person described jokingly by my Pastor as ‘causing the Holy Spirit to take a stroll when she sings’! huh!

I could continue to laugh at myself all day long…but guess what? With my baby and I, we have the best song recordings that you’d want to pay a million dollars to purchase (believe me…*big grin*)

You’d do well to describe us as … ‘The Dynamic Duo’…or….when its just me doing a solo performance before my ‘little grand audience’, I could take the name ‘The Delectable Diva’. Yeah, thats me alright (taking a bow…lol)

Would you mind listening to any of these great hits? Or…is someone already getting inspired to start her own little band? *wink* Believe me, it’s more than worth a try. You and your baby will share some magical moments you wouldn’t find at any concert or gig!

Anyways, watch out for our collections topping the charts pretty soon!

#enjoyingmotherhood #bondingwithmybaby #newlessonsfrommybaby

What soothes your baby? Please share…

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