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The baby’s mind 2: In the womb

This place is cool and cozy
With an unlimited supply of resources
Always at my call…or before I even call
No lack, no pain,no tears,no stress
Nothing at all to worry or think about
So warm and comfortable, so homely
In fact no word can fully describe the pleasure I’m experiencing here in the womb
I am in control of everything, every moment
The commander in chief of my territory
I play the music and mum dances to it
I dictate the tune and dad follows my instruction to the last letter
You may say I am wicked but you were once like me
My comfort determines how comfortable mum and dad are
So I only make requests that will bring comfort to me
Thanks to my host; my dearest mum
I really look forward to seeing her beautiful face
Her voice I hear every now and then
Her melodious songs wakes me up
Her prayers for me stretch beyond the numbers of days I have spent here
Sometimes she screams and shouts probably when she is in pain
Yet she understands that the pain is only for a while
Mum, anytime you place dad’s hand on your tummy to feel my kicks
I feel delighted to have you both
Your voices and the love you both share make me leap for joy
You make this environment really joyful for me
I sense your presence even when you are both asleep
I might not have seen you both physically but I can identify you
Your voices are distinct even in the midst of a million voices
Your fragrances smell so unique
When you both touch me I feel secure…it feels so different from a doctor’s touch
The sweet taste I enjoy from every ‘bite’ of food I take in here truly defines your love for me

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