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Intentional Parenting 103
Intentional Parenting 103

Intentional Parenting 103

Being an intentional parent is not a day’s job but a daily, hourly and per second task. Every morning, when our eyes are pried open by little fingers or the sound of a baby cooing in bed, we place our feet onto a battlefield to either win in our parenting responsibilities or otherwise. Our dream as parents is to succeed but the fact is, one has to work on this goal as it applies in every other area of life.

Parenting is not a function of your professionalism or experience.
In fact, no school will award you with any certification as regards this
Yes, we have short programmes on family life
Yet this will not make you a guru in the field of parenting
All you need to make it work is to act deliberately, consciously and intentionally

Even when you have dozens of children,
You will have to raise them, train them and nurture them differently
Even when their personalities are the same, their needs (emotional, physical, mental, material…) may not
That is why as parents, you need to understand them intentionally
Else, fulfilling that parenting assignment will be a mirage

Many a time, the first child is used as the ‘trial and error’ experiment during the course of fulfilling our parenting assignments
They ‘suffer’ from our inexperience, non-exposure and ignorance.
As a new parent, we treat them ‘anyhow’ not because we love to do so but that is how far our knowledge can go in making them ‘successful’

At times by default, we imbibe our parents’ attitudes, principles, standands, path, culture and traditions in raising our children
We forget that we are dealing with another set of people, another generation entirely
We also forget that most of the things they did to us in form of punishments and discipline were also trial and error
And somehow we continue the cycle

Raising children should not be left to chance,
Raising heroes should not be a wishful thought.
Raising generational leaders should not only occur in our dream.
Raising world class personalities should not be a nightmare

Even when/if we can’t be with our children 24 hours a day, we need to be intentional in raising them.

Thank you.

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  1. To be a parent intentionally require you to have a picture of what you want to give back to the society via your children. To be successful in this aspect mean we must include it on our daily to do list. Help the society by producing a worthy ambassador of your family out here.

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