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When should I introduce discipline to my child?
When should I introduce discipline to my child?

When should I introduce discipline to my child?

‘I really don’t know why this happens every time I correct or discipline our daughter’ said Tade to himself many times over, while pacing the floor of the room. He left the sitting room angrily because his wife Temi objected to his telling Tayo off (their three year-old daughter) when she was hitting the television remote control against the wall.

First, the toddler wanted the TV channel be changed to her favourite cartoon channel and because her dad who was watching the News did not give her any attention, she started to throw a tantrum and began to roll on the floor. Her dad spanked her for doing so but his wife told him he should not have because of ‘ordinary television’ and moreover, he can watch the news online on his tab or phone or laptop, but Tade ignored her still. She picked her up and gave her a wrap of chocolate ‘to appease the goddess’.

A few minutes later, her dad had not changed the channel and the chocolate was finished. The ‘little goddess’ started her drama again. She gave the remote to her dad to change the channel for her but he objected again. Not because he was a bad daddy but he was not through with what he was watching..just about 10 minutes to the end of the news. So, because he objected, Tayo began to hit the remote against the wall and crying…all over again. Temi hollered from the kitchen ‘Would you please change the channel and stop being so mean! She’s just a child, you know!

At this point, Tade had had enough. He stood up and stormed into the room in anger. This was not the first, second or third time Temi would oppose his attempt to discipline their daughter. She hardly even ever corrects their daughter when she does something wrong and this gets to him a lot.

What should he do? Is Temi right? How is this going to affect Tayo?

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  1. Well,as for me I would suggest Temi having a discussion with his wife about this issue,discipline is a must for every child else the result will be sadden and for the discipline to sink into the child both parent must have a voice,not a yes from Dad.and a No from mum.
    If a good discipline is not in still into a child both parents will be at the receiving end.

  2. This story is typical of most families in our society today. I believe that every child should be taught to delay gratification. This child has learnt a pattern of getting what she wants and the mother is ignorantly falling for it. The girl even at this age can understand simple things like; you need to wait for daddy to finish watching this for you to watch yours. Or it can be turned to family culture that at a particular time of the day, daddy watches his program after which children watch thiers. If the mum continuously shouts on the husband on the matter, she is indirectly encouraging the child to disregard the dad which in no time will get to her too. Also if Tade really understands the act of discipline and its important, he should educate the wife in love instead of just getting angry. Anger has never solved any problem but with understanding both will bring the children up in the way that they will go and when they get older they will not depart from it. Cheers

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