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Children are fully dependent
In need of someone to lean on at all times
Either young or old,
Your full attention is constantly required

A womb to nuture
A shoulder to carry
A finger to structure
An eye to culture

A life to sow
To reap another life
Engraved with so many responsibilities
But worth the sacrifice
With every passing day
Till the fruits mature
Ripe enough for a harvest

Harvest may not be tangible
But visible for all to see
Harvest may not be immediate
But achievable through continuous nurturing

Without the womb that nurtures
The seed may die
Without the shoulder that carries
The fruits will not survive

Fathers and Mothers need to work together
To get the best out of their children
Be as much to your child as you can possibly be
Today and always!


Photo Credit: Issac Fadairo and dad

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  1. So truly said.

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