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Letter to my child

Dearest Child,

It is my pleasure to express myself to you through this write-up. I know that you are already familiar with some or even most of my expressions here in this letter but I am writing and sharing them with you again. It is important that you keep them in your heart. Although they are not laws but they are principles that will make you stand out.

As I have always told you, remember that;

1. Comparison is a deadly game you cannot win. You willl always come second no matter how hard you try in comparing yourself with others – I can guarantee that to you.

2. Success is not achieved in isolation. Get a role model, select good friend(s) and share ideas together. Partnership makes everyone looks better than they are – “We are better together”.

3. Don’t be discouraged when you fail because failure is a part of life. Albert Einstein said, “The person who never made a mistake never tried anything.” Don’t stay down; get up, dust yourself and move forward. Every mistake or failure is a chance to grow and learn.

4. Whatever you can not afford to lose, you shouldn’t lend else people will make you miserable.

5. Take personal responsibility for your actions, especially when your life is at stake. If you allow the negativity or offense of another person to enter your spirit it will sabotage your life.

6. People measure success differently, therefore don’t make haste to be rich. Success is not only defined materially.

7. Pride, arrogance and selfishness should not be seen in you. They are passwords to failure.

8. Guard your own spirit, avoid unhealthy ‘stuff’ to attach itself to your spirit and cling to you. They kill!

9. Live with a positive outlook that is refreshing to everyone that you encounter. Your life is an example to many, therefore stay positive.

10. Integrity is a must have core value; always remember the child of who you are. Be accountable.

I believe in you and I am certain you will finish well and strong. Loads of love from me to you.

Yours in Love,
Your Treasured Gem.


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