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Live by Example

Its another season of ‘new year resolutions’

Hoping to live a new life in a new year
To some, it stays written down,
To others, it is acted on in just a few days
thereafter, everything returns to “normal’
And then, the cycle continues


For parents, aunties and uncles,
Living by example should be our greatest resolution
Every time and any time.

How will you feel if your 5 year old little girl says ‘Daddy…you asked us not to lie but you just did to your friend on phone; you told him you are not at home but here you are.’ Or your 8 year old son says…’Mum, why are you not in good terms with Henry’s mum? I saw the two of you exchanging words on Saturday and every since, you have been avoiding her. You instructed us to be polite, courteous and friendly but you are not.’

Many times, we instruct our children to do what we say and not what we do intentionally and indirectly…
The real you that you think you are hiding from them is obviously visible

They may not say it
But they’ve seen it
They may not shout it
But they’ve noted it
They may not touch it
But they’ve felt and sensed it

Whatever role you don’t want your children to play, don’t script it let alone act it because children
learn faster than you teach,
See farther than they look,
Hear clearer than it is spelt
Sense stronger than it is felt
Smell deeper than smelt
And act better than the script

Don’t confuse your children by living the opposite of the life you teach them,
Let your action and your word be the same
Don’t allow your children to experiment with their lives
Lead by example and not explanation
Photo Credit: Adesewa and Mum

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