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Motherhood Signature

I was ready to go and paint the world blue…
Seriously, I can say that a million times because for the past few weeks or so, I have been home alone with my cutie little prince enjoying the ‘motherhood allowance’ from my place of work

I don’t call it maternity leave but mask leave
You can read my previous post…mum4real.com/mask-leave/ to know why

It’s my bossom friend’s wedding ceremony and I have made every preparation to show all my friends especially the singles that I am still in town

My aso abi (wedding attire) had been well sown…
Trust my seamstress…she creatively designed the dress to catch everyone’s attention
Putting in mind that I will have to breastfeed

I have also sat in front of YouTube watching how to perfect my make up and gele tying especially as my ‘cute little chairman’ has been sleeping for most of the time for a few days now.
I have also practiced and practiced…

My shoe, bag and accessories will be the talk of the day…I said to myself
My nails and hair…on point
Glowing, classic, pretty new mum…I smiled
Of course I was fully ready for the occasion

When I came out of the room my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me
It has been a while he saw his pretty queen like this.
He took us to the venue and promised to come back for us as he had a meeting at work.

I had to breastfeed George in the car (in order to fill his tank)
This will allow me ample time to do the ‘run-way’ show-off of my new ‘freedom’ look.

As I was about to enter the church in grand style, the unthinkable happened… my prince burped on me!!!..spoiler alert!!!…chai….(sad face)
You can only imagine…
Although I ran to the rest room to clean up my outfit but i was left with some white patches all over my shoulder and my upper back…the unsolicited¬† signature!
I got a real signature of my child all over me which made me humbly cleave to my son all through the event,abandoning the intended runway showcase….sad.

The Motherhood Signature…a sign of love from a loving child to a beautiful mother…abi? (lol!)


Photo credit: Motunrayo and Oluwasindara Salami

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