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Nigeria @57: A New Nigeria

I see a new Nigeria…

● Where our foundation in God has an impact in our generations

● Where children are free to walk without the fear of been kidnapped

● Where the rate of infant mortality is reduced drastically

● Where our educational system (government school: primary, secondary and tertiary) is second to none

● Where outbreak of diseases and infections no longer exist

● Our hospitals adequately take care of children and all members of the family

● Where a girl child is as important as a boy child in every family and culture

● Where national cake is been smashed and corruption is sent packing

● Where malnutrition is no longer a problem especially for the growth and development of every child

● Where children are not only educated but taught how to handle life challenges

● Where bad roads that have claimed the life of parents, loved ones and future leaders (children) are restructured/reconstructed

● Where talents are being developed and dreams nutured

● Where the rate of divorce becomes zero and children grow up in a balanced home

● Where the bills passed in house of assembly are favourable to everyone and not for selfish interest

● Where child abuse no longer exists

● Where children are given a voice in the community

● Where innovations are encouraged and creativity put in good use

● Where children are motivated and their gift celebrated

● Where integrity becomes everyone’s core value

● With well cultured and nutured little ones (the future of our great nation)


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