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Outsourced Parenting

I heard this joke from a friend and I think it’s worth sharing. It happened one day that a 5 year old daughter of a posh, polished and well educated working class mum surprised her on a rare Saturday morning (one of those days she was home by chance because her work does not permit her except during vacation which she does not bother about).

Her husband on the other hand is a ‘super busy’ dad who is always occupied with both career and personal business. When he is not offshore, he is busy with other things that provides multiple streams of income for the family.

Their beautiful daughter attends one of the best schools in town, they have a nanny dedicated to taking care of her since she was born and the woman has been good to them. They have a maid who is responsible to making sure the house is clean and in good order. They have a cook who prepares both intercontinental and local dishes, a driver and a gardener who also happens to be the gateman.

These are the people the little girl interacts with when she’s back from school and when she is not engaged with games and cartoons. Her parents provided more than enough toys for her to play with and there is never a dull moment at home.

On this fateful morning, she (the mother) took it upon herself to make a nice delicacy: tantalizing noodles with crispy grilled chicken for herself and the little one, and as she was serving her daughter’s food, she heard her tiny voice behind her saying ‘mum, I no fit chop noodles without egg’ meaning ‘mum, I cannot eat noodles without an egg’. She was shocked to her teeth and wonder who has been teaching her girl how to speak pidgin English.

Many times we complain that our children are not a product of what we bargained for or planned, forgetting that we have outsourced our roles and responsibilities as parents indirectly to caregivers, grandparents, television, games, schools/teachers, the society and the likes.

We need to be more deliberate and intentional about our parenting tasks. Don’t outsource your duty. Thank you

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