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Peculiar to Mothers only

Nurturing a child from conception to delivery is a unique deal every woman must be actively involved in by default

The experience of hosting another creature cannot be expressed or explained…it is ‘fantastically’ mind blowing

Kicks are painful and make people angry but that of a foetus to the mum is a sweet shower of love to look forward to –  every second, every moment…worth more than a million hugs and kisses from someone close by

Hmmmm…what about days when you had reservoir of saliva flowing like river…and days when throwing up and morning sickness were a regular routine. This may sound odd but this is the type of sickness every woman proudly enjoys and showcases…grandparents enjoy it better…they look forward to it (wink*)

And days when your favourite menu sounded or looked like concussion or tasted like gravel

Hope you still remember when you punished all others around you – your husband in particular (thumbs up to the good pops in the house) with your peppery and boring delicacies…abeg I can’t stop laughing

Do these comments sound familiar;

“You look so black…
Your nose is now big
See your feet look like they are about to burst out of your shoes
You have doubled in size

Can you imagine this old woman wearing makeup…”

Only the female gender can receive these comment and it is only when they are expecting that they can smile or laugh at the commentator, else be ready to be chewed alive if you are unlucky enough to be the critic (hahahaha!)

The first voice of the baby
The first sight – completion, hair colour, size….
The first ‘carrying’ – on the mother’s chest
The first kiss

All is to the mother’s advantage even when the father is allowed into the delivery room?

Every stage starting from day one of the conception to the delivery of a child is peculiar to mothers only☺??

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Photo credit:Bimbo and Isaac Benjamin

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  1. ??? So True…….! I can wait to experience it in full ? Mothers are amazing but GOD who does it all is Most Amazing. Weldone Sweetie nice work ??

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