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Real Parents Pray

How will you feel when you hear your child testifying that ‘I am a product of a praying mother or father’?

We all know that life is full of ups and downs, hurdles of different heights to be crossed, oceans of variable sizes to wade, challenges of various weights to be carried, obstacles to be faced, several battles to be conquered, races to be won, wars to be fought and medals to be received. In fact, the world is filled with so many well packaged luggage to make one lag behind.

This is why we are not created in isolation. Every man has a family and every family consists of father and mother who God has assigned the role of a builder, coach, mentor and prophet. We are to speak life (favour, wealth, grace, health, excellent, wisdom, purpose…) into their children’s lives every time, every day and everywhere. As long as you are breathing, your child is under your watch and you are to fulfil your assigned role gladly.

Kings and slaves
The poor and the rich
The wise and the fool
The best and the average
The excelled and the hustler…
…all are products of a family

The secret of a successful individual is not in wealth, good education, expensive vacation, planning, and purpose but in a praying parent (father and mother) who secure the future of their children on their knees.

Don’t forget your parental assignment mummies and daddies. Prayerfully sow the seed of greatness into your children’s life today and let them enjoy a stress free, graceful and fulfilling tomorrow.

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