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All mothers want to be ‘free’ at least for some seconds or minutes or hours

Not necessarily because they are burdened by the presence of their precious children but…(well…fill in the gap….lol!)

That special time one experiences without the cry of that lovely boy or the interruption from the cutie girl who want your attention (NOW OR NEVER! hehe!) goes a loooooooooooooooooong way!


When my nine months old son was on his own for a long time ‘playing’ with himself and his toys

I was happy and thought to my self “at last, i got some ‘me-time’ to myself”

Hmmmmmm…what a HUGE misconception!

I wished I had watched him properly to see what he was doing to himself and his toys,

but then, I just sneaked in and out periodically to check on ‘my chairman’ and his ‘business transactions’ lol!

Silly me…I should have known that my ‘sneaking in and out’ wasn’t enough (*sad face)*


I tried taking a nap but I could not sleep deeply.

After about thirty (30) minutes of snoozing, I felt uncomfortable and I decided to check on my little one

By the time I got to his corner…the outcome of his silence was alarming


In a nut shell, the whole place was ‘re-created’ including himself! What a sight!

I then realised that I had more work to do to put things in order than before

Sincerely, this was one of the times I was tempted to administer cough syrup, piriton and paracetamol to him without any symptoms of cough, cold or fever (please don’t call me mean *wink*)


What a great way to learn the simple definition of ‘silence’ in a toddler’s world.

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  1. Lol……………….. they will always come up with something. Don’t you just love kids?????

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