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Teach your child how to pray with just a TAP
Teach your child how to pray with just a TAP

Teach your child how to pray with just a TAP

As we gradually approach the end of the year, one of the tasks we find ourselves doing is goal setting. To some people, it is by default while to others, it must be intentional else there will not be any direction in the new year. Goals should not be limited to finance, academics, career growth, health, travels…and work life balance alone. Our children’s growth and development (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial) should be factored in also.

The number one principle in getting the best from every child is to help them to connect and relate with their Creator without you; the parent as a mediator.

Irrespective of the religion we practice, communicating with The Maker is the key to a successful life
The earlier we introduce our children to this top secret, the better for us
Waiting until we think they are old enough to understand is synonymous to allowing weeds to grow on a fertile soil…
Whatever the age of that child, teach him/her to pray by ‘TAPing’ God.

Remember, you get tapped by them if and when they need your attention…my son does this continuously…
Therefore, teach them how to TAP their God, the REAL SOURCE at all times.

This is what TAP stands for in mum4real’s language

T – To give THANKS to God for what they have
A- To ASK God for what they need
P – To PRAISE God for listening and answering them when they call.

As simple as this may sound, it gradually sticks with the child over a long period of time and helps to build their faith. 
Do not allow age to be a barrier to teaching your child to ‘TAP’ today because nothing good happens until you are determined and committed to making it happen.

Be deliberate about seeing your child’s spiritual growth and dependency on God. You can’t afford to give them everything but God can. Therefore, let them know how to depend on Him. Lay the right foundation today!

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