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The 21st Century Mother

Motherhood is a Divine assignment that should be carried out without excuses. Irrespective of the time and age, either for those in the 1st century or for us now in the 21st century, the responsibility of being a mother must be a success.

Whatever your story is, be aware that God Himself has looked into your future before He endowed you with that special gift that needs nurturing. Your past had been painted blank and your today has been coloured with those wonderful, visions, dreams as well as beautiful and handsome creatures (biological and spiritual children and protégées) that will make you proud in the future.

Sensitivity, trust and obedience to the Giver of the assignment is the only way to succeed as a mother. Therefore, let us re-focus and re-align our thought and action in line with God’s plan in the season.

Plan to attend the ‘2016 DAYSTAR WOMEN OF DESTINY CONFERENCE’ tagged The 21st Century Mother.

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