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The Diary of an Incredible Mum 4: Preparation galore!

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We were both sure we will not rob the bank to get the best for our prince. Did I tell you how we shouted when the scan told us we will be having a boy…I felt like painting the whole world BLUE. We had both prayed and believed God for a boy or a set of twins (a boy and a girl) but the first scan at 6 weeks proved to us that the pregnancy was a single foetus. Thereafter, we wanted a surprise but we could not wait again so we decided to do the gender scan. Now that our expectation is about to be welcome, we needed to get everything ready for our charming prince.

Both online and physical shopping was done. You can only imagine the special treatment you get from sellers when you get to their shop with your protruding belly. They can even buy you drinks and food to make sure you are comfortable or even make their sales representative to stand and fan you all through your stay. But guess what, when your bill is handed over to you for all you’ve shopped for (the small package that you will be holding) I can bet you have paid for all the service rendered (lol!)

We both did all we could to make sure all was set. Sometimes I wonder where the energy came from; I was always arranging and rearranging the room in preparation and when packing and repacking my hospital bag. I called in my carpenter and painter to refurbish the spare room in the house. I had different ideas to work with and I was putting all in place…did I say all; maybe some were put on hold because of the financial commitment. Let me whisper something to you, the preparation was not over until the baby was brought home.   And up to date, making his look and space the best is a priority to us.

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