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The First Baby…

As the clock ticks to the first day of the year,everyone anticipates being  the first to say, shout or sing ‘Happy New Year’

The count down to this new day is easily done…but guess what,the count down to the birth a child seems to last forever

A New Year comes with happiness, joy, a refreshing sense of purpose.New goals, new dreams, new aspirations are birthed.

But guess what?the joy that comes with the birth of every child is incomparable to the ‘Happy New Year’ shout.

The first day of the year comes once in 365/366 days. On the contrary,the arrival of the first baby in different families is timed quite uniquely and randomly too.

Today I celebrate every first baby in different families as we wish each other happy a new year.

Give a shout out to your first baby by dropping a comment below.

Love from Mum 4 Real!

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