I am about to sponsor a bill to be passed, that all babies and toddlers are to automatically signed up for all Throwing Games during all Olympic events.

They are good at it; in fact they should be referred to as experts in throwing
It is an in-born game that needs no practice (lol)
Anytime, anywhere, any day nothing stops them from throwing

All I need is at least 85% support from mummies and daddies…
And if you support me, just know that your child will be part of these games during the next Olympics (hehe!)

Haba! To these little ones nothing is exempted
Nothing is important
Nothing is dangerous
There is no restriction
All items are toys and should be treated as such (can I have a witness?)

Whatever the item is, either in the kitchen or sitting room, bedroom or store
As long as they can hold and carry it, then it becomes to them either javelin or shot-put. You will even become part of the game as their official ball boy or girl if you are not careful and keep picking the item for them (lol!)

I guess the best way to treat these little one is to ignore them if and when the ‘game’ is safe; seize the item when the item is important or dangerous and replace it with a proper substitute, or else you’ll be having a toddler to console…(and you know how ‘easy’ that can be, right?lol)

Wait a minute, what will you do if your smart phone or tablet is part of the throwing game?
‘At least the child is just rehearsing (I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING)’
Photo credit: The  Oluseyi Fadairo Family

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