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Tribute to My Amazing Teacher

For all the days I sat under your tutelage you’ve amazingly transformed my life.
Most of what I know today, I have learnt from you
Directly or indirectly, your words and actions have guided my paths

How can I forget your impact so quickly
Even when no one believed in me
You brought out a distinct seed in me
You looked into my eyes and saw greatness
You didn’t stop looking until the greatness actualized

You nurtured me
And never tortured me with punishment
Even when I was being disciplined
I knew it was for my good

In my failures you saw a fearless student
In my fears you saw a champion standing tall
In my struggles you located strengths
In my pain you found my turning point
In my stress, you surrounded me in love

With you by my side, I was not overwhelmed
With you right hand around my neck, I was not overcome
In your footsteps I soar and outshined every other

You are my mentor
My tutor
My …
And of course my one and only teacher.


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