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What do you see?

What do you see?

Whenever a child is born, you hear the child announcing his/her arrival: shouting and screaming and crying –  before you can determine the gender, complexion, colour of eyes and hair, shape of nose and mouth, who the child looks like and co. In some cases, you have the privilege of seeing him/her as early as 6 weeks old in the womb courtesy of an ultrasound scan.

Some parents even ‘see’ their child(ren) even before conception.

Now that the child is here, what do you see?
Do you see a ‘mistake child’ because you already had a plan not to bear children for now?

Do you see a ‘dullard’ that has refused to excel academically with all your efforts of getting him or her the best: expensive school, lesson teachers at school and private lessons at home?

Do you see a ‘stubborn’ child that has the mind of his own, who does not seem to listen to any and every instruction given by whoever; old and young?

Do you see a ‘wasteful’ child who spends all she has at once by default without thinking of tommorrow. The child that never saves nor sows but expects a harvest and rewards all the time?

Do you see a ‘disrespectful’ child whom you have corrected many times privately and in public but never yields to corrections?

Do you see a ‘glutton’ who eats with ‘all of his fingers at once’…and whose other name is Oliver Twist?

Do you see a ‘fashionista’ that is ever concious of what she wears and the brands you get for her?

Do you see a ‘late comer’ that will forever take her time planning and going for events, programmes and even school?


Whatever you can see in your child, take a closer look because you will see part of you –  if not all – in that child.

Look beyond now
Look beyond 
Look beneath the surface to really see what your child is made of and the gifts God has given them

To groom a healthy and wealthy child who is rich in all things, you need to LOOK farther than what you SEE now. Look beyond the challenges that characterize their life right now and capture a vision for who they one day can be.

Children are here to BRIGHTEN the future. See beyond now! 

Photo credit: Mrs Olufunke Prevail and Princess

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