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What I will like my child to know before Children’s day: Mothers’ Version

Folake my 2 year old daughter is fond of calling me a thousand and one times a day for tangible and intangible reasons. Sometimes, I feel like flying out the window or taking cover somewhere at least for few hours to have my ‘me’ time.

Many a times, mothers are refered to as the “Super Heroes”, that is, the all-in-one package for the family;
the one who is cut out to carry everyone’s burden on her shoulder without screaming (she has shown she is capable by being pregnant? at least for 9 months..LOL!);
The one who is expected to have answers to all questions however silly(super-mums must have a superb brain);
The one who is supposed to let go of her visions and dreams for others (being a full time mum is a lifetime task)
The solution to seen and unseen challenges (that is one of the reasons why she is called a super-hero)
Everyone’s confidant and best friend;
Selfless and described as being sacrificial
In short…mothers are seen as the sacrificial lamb to be offered (unconciosly and indirectly) for the growth and success story of the family (sigh!)

But in reality, there is no super hero mum anywhere (ask all women…they will tell you the truth)
I am prone to making mistakes and I will expect my children’s forgiveness anytime I do (if noticed, that is…lol)
I don’t like to scream unless you allow me and this is why I go extra mile to please everyone around
I am not ‘wicked’, I just want to see the best version of my child

I don’t nag; I only want you to get the point
In fact, mothers are “works” in progress and will love to have their children’s cooperation everytime ‘T’

Is this true? If yes, tag every mum you know

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