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What is Your Child's Name?
What is Your Child's Name?

What’s your child’s name?

I have so many names I would love to give to my child and all my children – lovely, posh, beautiful to pronounce and sweet to hear…and of course, the names have to be in my native language because their interpretations are sweet, special and peculiar. I am not against foreign names…maybe I only choose to be ancient..Lol.

Don’t get me wrong oh, please! I am an elegant 21st Century Mother (*wink*) but when it comes to what my child/children will be called everyday of their lives, I am ‘carefully’ careful, ‘consciously’ conscious and by default I don’t leave it to chance.

A name is precious and unique to every individual. It speaks volumes now and in the future. Either you believe it or not, it speaks to the child’s destiny directly or indirectly. I am not trying to preach religion here, neither am I been stereotypical no no no…not at all!

Do you know some children tell their friends, teacher and even parents not to call them a particular name? Not because the names are bad but they just don’t like it. It may be the way these names are being pronounced or probably spelt, or a societal stigma attached to these names.

They prefer one of their other names to their first name  and some others choose a new name entirely or better still, they will rather stick with it short version of their name. Will you be happy if your child make one of these decisions?

Please be encouraged to give your child/children the most pleasant names…
The name that is unique to them alone
The name that you have received from their maker personally
The name that is not a product of just trying to be ‘posh’
The name that is not subject to the environmental or societal factors, or ‘what is reigning or appealing to the ears’
That name they will not be swayed to exchange, not even for a million dollars!

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