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Whose business is it?
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Whose business is it?

Kudos to every mum that carried the pregnancy for the period of 9 months with their physical shape, health, nutritional balance, emotional state and probably career and finance –  all at stake. This business is majorly theirs as no one can help a woman with the pregnancy no matter how honestly they offer to…fact right?!

Whose business is it to carry out the nursing tasks (feeding, bathing, nurturing and general care) for the first 6 months of the child’s life? Is this the mum’s task too? Hmmmmm … maybe this is why every new mum is entitled to maternity leave…maybe

Okay, let us assume the child was tender and needed extra care then. How about now that the child is between 6 months to 2 years especially when the child has no siblings yet … and even if that were the case, nurturing and nourishing the child is primarily whose business? Mothers’ right? (Eyes rolling)

During school years,  who plays the role of cook, chauffeur, nurse, home work instructor, dishwasher, laundry manager, school items ‘purchaser’, open-day visitor, PTA attendee, housekeeper…? Of course no one but the mother! Am I correct?

I can go on and on…while I watch the fathers screaming and shouting that they’re not entirely MIA (Missing in action) … what about the full-time provider role for the entire household?

Like seriously?! Is this really all that should be done?
Anyone can provide for any child.The truth is, you have more ‘business’ in the child’s life than you ever know.

Raising a child is the business of both the father and mother, with their presence being as visible as the presents in the child’s life.

True, false or partially agree?

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