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As a mother of a 10 month old baby with a toothless grin you may feel discouraged, knowing that some babies as old as he/she is –some even younger, even at 5 months have started teething…

But let me tell you something…it is a blessing in disguise, especially when you are still breastfeeding!

Trying to imagine a sharp blade on your nipple when your child decides to ‘bless’ your breast with his newly cut tooth is an understatement…ouch!

Therefore enjoy the toothless mouth while it lasts, because before you know it, this might be one of the reasons you might want to stop breastfeeding if your goal is to breastfeed for a loooooooooooooong time as advised by The World Health Organisation (2 years). I salute your courage if this is your chosen mantra, by the way! lol


Can I get a ‘show of hands’ if I speak the truth?


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