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Not every woman is called a mother but certainly all mothers are women

Let’s say some men have this ‘motherly’ traits too…

But the instinct and nature of motherhood solely belongs to women


I am proud to be a mother,

Privileged to carry my baby right from inception

Irrespective of how ‘motherly’ men can ever be, they don’t have this experience

Fathers have no choice than to wait until the child is born

Some even wait a little further until the baby is old enough for them to hold


I am privileged to be a woman

Passionate and innovative in taking care of my home,

Creatively making meals and building of my home generally…


Is that all I do…yes…. and errrrmm…..(not really *wink*)

But trust me, there is more to this job description of mine.

My assignment, my pride, my all is to be the best mum all my children could ever wish for…including my biggest baby (my  hubby *wink*)

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  1. Hahahahaha good thing you ended it that way. Nice piece

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