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How innovative is your child?

Do you remember your childhood days?

Days when you acted movies without scripts

Days when you cooked delicious meals with weeds, stones and milk containers (although you never tasted it…did you?)

Days when you composed so many rhymes in your native dialect (do you still remember some of the songs?)

And played so many games that never existed?

Even national anthem, you remixed it

And some nursery rhymes, you recomposed…


The most creative and innovative individual you will ever see is a child

With them, there is no restriction to their creativity

Anytime, any day and any where

They un-wrap their innovative packages to suit your needs


Their languages are different even when you are speaking the same English

You will hear them say ‘carry you’ instead of carry me

‘Ata’, when they are requesting for water

‘Han up’, when you are being commanded to stand up

And many countless ones


Their ‘mentality’…unique

Their ‘thinking’…different

Their ‘creativity’…top notch

Their ‘innovation’…is worth our concentration


Leave a child with Lego for few minutes then you will see different creations and characters

Few minutes after leaving a child with a drawing book and crayons

You will receive the most creative art work (either for yourself or the closest image to him/her)

What about with sand?

Matches box and sticks?

Sugar containers?

Bottles…? And so many imaginary items


Many a times, we indirectly/unconsciously/unintentionally ‘kill’ those creative skills in them

Instead of us to motivation, we shout and scream

We tongue lash them for making the house dirty

Wasting the resources we bought for them

Destroying important items

And many more undeserved punishment for being innovative


For a better tomorrow, innovation is the key

And it’s in every child…

Let us keep encouraging these little ones because every child is gifted…creative and innovative!


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