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Parental App
Parental App

Have you gotten your parental APP?

Sometime I wish I could get an app for parenting
In fact, I am waiting for the 1st techy guru to develop this my dream app
Isn’t it going to be nice to have an app designed and dedicated for mothers and fathers?
Wait a minute, I am not talking about an app that will instruct us to slot our roles and responsibilities or an app that will only give us advice but the one that will take up the parental task completely
Hmmmm…not a robot, truth be told, I don’t want a machine; a burden to carry about
I also do not want a replacement, sincerely
In short I still want to be in control
My request/need is something that can help to protect my sanity
Hahaha…I am sure I am asking for too much. Right?
With all these my indescribable specifications,  it is certain that whatever app produced/designed/invented will frustrate me the more.
Don’t forget that I am an  African parent.
Take a look at these conversations:
Act 1 Scene 1:
Mum: my son just spilled water all over the house, I am tired, angry, feel like screaming and at the same time I don’t know what to do/how to start cleaning…I am overwhelm!
App: make him responsible for his act
Mum: how?
App: give him the mop stick to do the cleaning. ‘To raise a responsible adult, you mus train the child.
Mum: thinking** (am I dumb, don’t I know that…?)* then I spoke out, “oh, I forgot to mention, my son is only 11 months old”
App: Then you should be responsible
Act 1 Scene 2:
Dad: Oh….Goodness!!! My daughter went out with my car key without my permission and I need to go out
App: Ooooops! Please call a cab
Annoying right? Tell me if I will not break the phone first before uninstalling the app.
This may be funny but the truth is that it is simply annoying too when we push all our parental responsibilities to someone else (to your spouse alone, to their teachers/caregivers/extended family…) as parents – directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously.

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  1. Another well thought of article!

    Reading the heading, I thought ‘Parental apps?, take your place first!’ Truly, positive pregnancy test automatically automatically installs the apps in us, we are to download it and use it all the time. Peace!!

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