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Real Parents are Real Nannies

Every parent’s responsibility is to take good care of their child or children at every point in time
From the point of introducing them to their Creator to provision of nutritional meals, sound education, good shelter, nice clothings, excellent moral upbringing, financial support…parents must be there for their children at every moment…live and direct with no part of their lives ignored from the very first day we were aware of their existence.

You may want to say you know this and have been faithful in carrying out your responsibities because you are their parents

Of course I know that you gave birth to them,
You named them and they bear your names: sometimes first name and most times last name
They live with you,
You pay their bills,
You provide for their needs
And you answer to ALL their calls anytime T
But the truth is, we are just nannies

Even with these unavoidable responsibilities, we are only caretakers and not the owners of the child.

Hmmmm…that sounds a bit scary and then, who owns my child?

God owns them,
He gave them to us,
To nurture them,
Care for them as He will do,
And He pays us for carrying out our duty.
Your wages depend fully on how well you’ve carried out your responsibilities.

Fathers, do not dictate your children’s future; let them choose the course they will want to pursue on their own,and be there to guide them.
Mothers, do not influence your children’s decision indirectly or directly to fulfill your dream.
Parents, pray always for your children and depend on God fully to help you in carrying our your ‘job description’
Parenting is only an opportunity to take care of God’s heritage.

Depend on the Maker to fully fulfill His plan in the life of these little ones.
With this I welcome you to another year of carrying out your duty diligently as a real mum and dad. Happy New Year Real Parents!

Photo credit: The Salami Family

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